319 Square Miles

In their infinite wisdom, the United States' Founders created the Electoral College to ensure the STATES were fairly represented. Why should one or two densely populated areas speak for the whole of the nation?


The following list of statistics has been making the rounds on the Internet. It should finally put an end to the argument as to why the Electoral College makes sense.    There are 3,141 counties in the United States.


Trump won 3,084 of them.  Clinton won 57.  There are 62 counties in New York State.  Trump won 46 of them.


Clinton won 16.  Clinton won the popular vote by approx. 1.5 million votes.


In the 5 counties that encompass NYC, (Bronx, Brooklyn, Manhattan, Richmond & Queens) Clinton received well over 2 million more votes than Trump. (Clinton only won 4 of these counties; Trump won Richmond)


Therefore these 5 counties alone, more than accounted for Clinton winning the popular vote of the entire country.


These 5 counties comprise 319 square miles.  The United States is comprised of 3,797,000 square miles.


When you have a country that encompasses almost 4 million square miles of territory, it would be ludicrous to even suggest that the vote of those who inhabit a mere 319 square miles should dictate the outcome of a national election.


Large, densely populated Democrat cities (NYC, Chicago, LA, etc.) DO NOT and SHOULD NOT speak for the rest of our country!


And...it's been verified and documented that those aforementioned 319 square miles are where the majority of our nation's problems foment.

Reminder to Rep. Ilhan Omar, D-Minn

An answer to the attack on Israel, and Jews in general.


We have not seen Jews:


* Flying planes into buildings.

* Supporting world terrorism.

* Forcing young girls to marry old men.

* Mutilating female genitalia.

* Beheading people.

* Trying to dominate the world courts with their brand       of laws.

* Stonings.

* Canings. 

* Lashings.

* Trying to destroy America!

                                                                                                 Lest we ever forget:

                                                                                                  Here is the trail......  

                        Here's what it looks like when all the pieces are sewn together. It smells like conspiracy and treason. 

From 2001 to 2005 there was an ongoing investigation into the Clinton Foundation.  A Grand Jury had been impaneled. 

Governments from around the world had donated to the “Charity.”   Yet, from 2001 to 2003 none of those “Donations” to the Clinton Foundation were declared.  Hmmm, now you would think that an honest investigator would be able to figure this out.  Guess who took over this investigation in 2002?   None other than James Comey.  Guess who was transferred in to the Internal Revenue Service to run the Tax Exemption Branch of the IRS?   Lois  Lerner.  Guess who ran the Tax Division inside the Department of Injustice from 2001 to 2005?  No other than the Assistant Attorney General of the United States, Rod Rosenstein.  Guess who was the Director of the Federal Bureau of Investigation during this time frame?  It was Robert Mueller. 

What do all four characters have in common?  They all were briefed and/or were front line investigators into the Clinton Foundation Investigation.  Ok, lets chalk the last one up to mere chance.  Let’s fast forward to 2009...... 

James Comey leaves the Justice Department to go and cash-in at Lockheed Martin.  Hillary Clinton is running the State Department, on her own personal email server.  The Uranium One “issue” comes to the attention of Hillary.  Looking out for America’s best interest, she decides to support the decision and approve the sale of 20% of US Uranium to no other than, the Russians.  Now, you would think that this is a fairly straight-up deal, except that it wasn’t: The People got absolutely nothing out of it. 

However, prior to the sales approval, no other than Bill Clinton goes to Moscow, gets paid 500K for a one hour speech, then meets with Vladimir Putin at his home for a few hours.  Well, not so fast: the FBI had a mole inside the money laundering and bribery scheme.  
Guess who was the FBI Director during this time?  Yep, Robert Mueller.  He even delivered a Uranium Sample to Moscow in 2009. 

Guess who was handling that case within the Justice Department out of the US Attorney’s Office in Maryland?  No other than, Rod Rosenstein.  Guess what happened to the informant?  The Department of Justice placed a GAG order on him and threatened to lock him up if he spoke out about it. 

How does 20% of the most strategic asset of the United States of America end up in Russian hands when the FBI has an informant, a mole, providing inside information to the FBI on the criminal enterprise?  That happened soon after the sale was approved? 
~145 million dollars in “donations” made their way into the Clinton Foundation from entities directly connected to the Uranium One deal.  Who was still at the Internal Revenue Service working the Charitable Division?  No other than, Lois Lerner.  Let’s fast forward to 2015.  Due to a series of tragic events in Benghazi and after the 9 “investigations” the House, Senate and at State Department, Trey Gowdy who was running the 10th investigation as Chairman of the Select Committee on Benghazi discovers that The Hillary ran the State Department on an unclassified, unauthorized, outlaw personal email server.  He also discovered that none of those emails had been turned over when she departed her “Public Service” as Secretary of State which was required by law. 
He also discovered that there was Top Secret information contained within her personally archived email. ( Let's not forget  - at least 10 CIA spies in china were killed by the Chinese because of the leaks. )  Sparing you the State Departments cover up, the delay tactics that were employed and the outright lies that were spewed forth from the necks of the Kerry State Department, we shall leave it with this…… they did everything humanly possible to cover for Hillary. 

Who became FBI Director in 2013?  Guess who secured 17 no-bid contracts for his employer (Lockheed Martin) with the State Department and was rewarded with a six million dollar thank you present when he departed his employer?  No other than James Comey.  Amazing how all those no-bids just went right through at State, huh?  Now he is the FBI Director in charge of the “Clinton Email Investigation” after of course his FBI Investigates the Lois Lerner “Matter” at the Internal Revenue Service and exonerates her. 

Nope.... couldn’t find any crimes there.  What happened next?  In April 2016, James Comey drafts an exoneration letter of Hillary Rodham Clinton, meanwhile the DOJ is handing out immunity deals like candy.  They didn’t even convene a Grand Jury. 
Like a lightning bolt of statistical impossibility, like a miracle from God himself, like the true “Gangsta” Comey is, James steps out into the cameras of an awaiting press conference on July the 5th of 2016, and exonerates The Hillary from any wrongdoing.  Can you see the pattern? 

It goes on and on, Rosenstein becomes Asst. Attorney General, Comey gets fired based upon a letter by Rosenstein, Comey leaks government information to the press, Mueller is assigned to the Russian Investigation sham by Rosenstein to provide cover for decades of malfeasance within the FBI and DOJ and the story continues.  FISA Abuse, political espionage.... pick a crime, any crime, chances are... this group and a few others did it.  All the same players.  All compromised and conflicted.  All working fervently to NOT go to jail themselves.  All connected in one way or another to the Clintons.  They are like battery acid, they corrode and corrupt everything they touch. 

How many lives have these two destroyed?  As of this writing, the Clinton Foundation, in its 20+ years of operation of being the largest International Charity Fraud in the history of mankind, has never been audited by the Internal Revenue Service.  Let us not forget that Comey's brother works for DLA Piper, the law firm that does the Clinton Foundation's taxes.  And see, the person that is the common denominator to all the crimes above and still doing her evil escape legal maneuvers at the top of the 3 Letter USA Agencies?   Yep, that would be Hillary R. Clinton!  

WHO IS LISA BARSOOMIAN?  Let’s learn a little about Mrs. Lisa H. Barsoomian’s background.  Lisa H. Barsoomian, a US Attorney that graduated from Georgetown Law, is a protege of James Comey and Robert Mueller.  Barsoomian, with her boss R. Craig Lawrence, represented Bill Clinton in 1998.  lawrence also represented:  Robert Mueller three times;  James Comey five times;  Barack Obama 45 times;  Kathleen Sebelius 56 times;  Bill Clinton 40 times; and  Hillary Clinton 17 times.  Between 1998 and 2017, Barsoomian herself represented the FBI at least five times. 

You may be saying to yourself, OK, who cares? Who cares about the work history of this Barsoomian woman?  Apparently, someone does, because someone out there cares so much that they’ve “purged” all Barsoomian court documents for her Clinton representation in Hamburg vs Clinton in 1998 and its appeal in 1999 from the DC District and Appeals Court dockets (?).  Someone out there cares so much that the internet has been “purged” of all information pertaining to Barsoomian.  Historically, this indicates that the individual is a protected CIA operative. Additionally, Lisa Barsoomian has specialized in opposing Freedom of Information Act requests on behalf of the intelligence community. And, although Barsoomian has been involved in hundreds of cases representing the DC Office of the US Attorney, her email address is Lisa Barsoomian at NIH gov. The NIH stands for National Institutes of Health.  This is a tactic routinely used by the CIA to protect an operative by using another government organization to shield their activities.  It’s a cover, so big deal, right? I mean what does one more attorney with ties to the US intelligence community really matter? 

It deals with Trump and his recent tariffs on Chinese steel and aluminum imports, the border wall, DACA, everything coming out of California, the Uni-party unrelenting opposition to President Trump, the Clapper leaks, the Comey leaks, Attorney General Jeff Sessions recusal and subsequent 14 month nap with occasional forays into the marijuana legalization mix …. and last but not least Mueller’s never-ending investigation into collusion between the Trump team and the Russians. 

Why does Barsoomian, CIA operative, merit any mention?  BECAUSE…. 

She is Assistant Attorney General Rod Rosenstein’s WIFE….That’s why!! 

"Courting Disaster"

As President George W. Bush's top speech writer, Marc Thiessen was provided unique access to the CIA program used in interrogating top Al Qaeda terrorists, including the mastermind of the 9/11 attack, Khalid Sheikh Mohammad (KSM). Now, his riveting new book, “Courting Disaster", How the CIA Kept America Safe, has been published.


Here is an excerpt;


"Just before dawn on March 1, 2003, two dozen heavily armed Pakistani tactical assault forces move in and surround a safe house in Rawalpindi.   A few hours earlier they had received a text message from an informant inside the house.   It read: "I am with KSM.”  Bursting in, they find the  disheveled mastermind of the 9/11 attacks, Khalid Sheikh Mohammed, in his bedroom.   He is taken into custody.   In the safe house, they find a treasure trove of computers, documents, cell phones and other valuable "pocket litter.”  Once in custody, KSM is defiant.   He refuses to answer questions, informing his captors that he will tell them everything when he gets to America and sees his lawyer.   But KSM is not taken to America to see a lawyer.  Instead he is taken to a secret CIA "black site" in an undisclosed location.


Upon arrival, KSM finds himself in the complete control of Americans.   He does not know where he is, how long he will be there, or what his fate will be.   Despite his circumstances, KSM still refuses to talk.   He spews contempt at his interrogators, telling them Americans are weak, lack resilience, and are unable to do what is necessary to prevent the terrorists from succeeding in their goals.   He has trained to resist interrogation.  When he is asked for information about future attacks, he tells his questioners scornfully: "Soon, you will know.”  It becomes clear he will not reveal the information using traditional interrogation techniques.   So he undergoes a series of "enhanced interrogation techniques" approved for use only on the most high-value detainees.   The techniques include waterboarding.  He begins telling his CIA de-briefers about active al Qaeda plots to launch attacks against the United States and other Western targets.   He holds classes for CIA officials, using a chalkboard to draw a picture of al Qaeda's operating structure, financing, communications, and logistics.   He identifies al Qaeda travel routes and safe havens, and helps intelligence officers make sense of documents and computer records seized in terrorist raids.


He identifies voices in intercepted telephone calls, and helps officials understand the meaning of coded terrorist communications.  He provides information that helps our intelligence community capture other high-ranking terrorists.


KSM's questioning, and that of other captured terrorists, produces more than 6,000 intelligence reports, which are shared across the intelligence community, as well as with our allies across the world.   In one of these reports, KSM describes in detail the revisions he made to his failed 1994-1995  plan known as the "Bojinka plot" to blow up a dozen airplanes carrying some 4,000 passengers over the Pacific Ocean.


Years later, an observant CIA officer notices the activities of a cell being followed by British authorities appear to match KSM's description of his plans for a Bojinka-style attack.   In an operation that involves unprecedented intelligence cooperation between our countries, British officials proceed to unravel the plot.  On the night of Aug. 9, 2006 they launch a series of raids in a northeast London suburb that lead to the arrest of two dozen al Qaeda terrorist suspects.   They find a USB thumb-drive in the pocket of one of the men with security details for Heathrow airport, and information on seven Trans-Atlantic flights that were scheduled to take off within hours of each other:


* United Airlines Flight 931 to San Francisco departing at 2:15 PM

* Air Canada Flight 849 to Toronto departing at 3:00 PM

* Air Canada Flight 865 to Montreal departing at 3:15 PM

* United Airlines Flight 959 to Chicago departing at 3:40 PM

* United Airlines Flight 925 to Washington departing at 4:20 PM

* American Airlines Flight 131 to New York departing at 4:35 PM

* American Airlines Flight 91 to Chicago departing at 4:50 PM


They seize bomb-making equipment and hydrogen peroxide to make liquid explosives.   And they find the chilling martyrdom videos the suicide bombers had prepared.   Today, if you asked an average person on the street what they know about the 2006 airlines plot, most would not be able to tell you much.  Few Americans  are aware of the fact al Qaeda had planned to mark the fifth anniversary of 9/11 with an attack of similar scope and magnitude.    And still fewer realize the terrorists' true intentions in this plot were uncovered thanks to critical information obtained through the interrogation of the man who conceived it: Khalid Sheikh Mohammed.  This is only one of the many attacks stopped with the help of the CIA interrogation program established by the Bush Administration in the wake of the September 11th, 2001 terrorist attacks.


In addition to helping break up these specific terrorist cells and plots, CIA questioning provided our intelligence community with an unparalleled body of information about al Qaeda until the program was temporarily suspended in 2006, intelligence officials say, well over half of the information our government had about al Qaeda-how it operates, how it moves money, how it communicates, how it recruits operatives, how it picks targets, how it plans and carries out attacks-came from the interrogation of terrorists in CIA custody.  Former CIA Director George Tenet has declared:  "I know this program has saved lives.   I know we've disrupted plots.   I know this program alone is worth more than what the FBI, the Central Intelligence Agency, and the National Security Agency put together have been able to tell us.”  Former CIA Director Mike Hayden has said:  "The facts of the case are that the use of these techniques against these terrorists made us safer. 


It really did work." Even Barack Obama's Director of National Intelligence, Dennis Blair, has acknowledged:   "High-value information came from interrogations in which those methods were used and provided a deeper understanding of the al Qaeda organization that was attacking this country.”  Leon Panetta, Obama's CIA Director, has said:  "Important information was gathered from these detainees.   It provided information that was acted upon.  John Brennan, Obama's Homeland Security Advisor, when asked in an interview if enhanced-interrogation techniques were necessary to keep America safe, replied :  "Would the U. S. be handicapped if the CIA was not, in fact, able to carry out these types of detention and debriefing activities, I would say yes.”


On January 22nd, 2009, President Obama issued Executive Order 13491, closing the CIA program and directing that, henceforth, all interrogations by U. S. personnel must follow the techniques contained in the Army Field Manual.  The morning of the announcement, Mike Hayden was still in his post as CIA Director, He called White House Counsel Greg Craig and told him bluntly:  "You didn't ask, but this is the CIA officially non-concurring".   The president went ahead anyway, overruling the objections of the agency.  A few months later, on April 16, 2009,  President Obama ordered the release of four Justice Department memos that described in detail the techniques used to interrogate KSM and other high-value terrorists.


This time, not just Hayden (who was now retired) but five CIA directors -including Obama's own director, Leon Panetta objected.  George Tenet called to urge against the memos' release.   So did Porter Goss.   So did John Deutch.   Hayden says: "You had CIA directors in a continuous unbroken stream to 1995 calling saying, 'Don't do this.'"   In addition to objections from the men who led the agency for a collective 14 years, the President also heard objections from the agency's covert field operatives.   A few weeks earlier, Panetta had arranged for the eight top officials of the Clandestine Service to meet with the President.   It was highly unusual for these clandestine officers to visit the Oval Office, and they used the opportunity to warn the President that releasing the memos would put agency operatives at risk.  The President reportedly listened respectfully, and then ignored their advice.


With these actions, Barack Obama arguably did more damage to America's national security in his first 100 days of office than any President in American history.



Time is like a river.  You cannot touch the water twice, because the

flow that has passed will never pass again.  Franklin Graham was

speaking at the First Baptist Church in Jacksonville, Florida, when he

said America will not come back.


He wrote:

“The American dream ended on November 6th, 2012.  The second term of

Barack Obama has been the final nail in the coffin for the legacy of

the white Christian males who discovered, explored, pioneered, settled

and developed the greatest republic in the history of mankind.


A coalition of blacks, Latinos, feminists, gays, government workers,

union members, environmental extremists, the media, Hollywood,

uninformed young people, the “forever needy,” the chronically

unemployed, illegal aliens and other “fellow travelers” have ended

Norman Rockwell’s America.


You will never again out-vote these people.  It will take individual

acts of defiance and massive displays of civil disobedience to get

back the rights we have allowed them to take away.  It will take

zealots, not moderates and shy, not reach-across-the-aisle RINOs

(Republicans In Name Only) to right this ship and restore our beloved

country to its former status.


People like me are completely politically irrelevant, and I will

probably never again be able to legally comment on or concern myself

with the aforementioned coalition which has surrendered our culture,

our heritage and our traditions without a shot being fire.


The Cocker Spaniel is off the front porch, the pit bull is in the back

yard, the American Constitution has been replaced with Saul Alinsky’s

“Rules for Radicals” and the likes of Chicago shyster David Axelrod

along with international socialist George Soros have been pulling the

strings on their beige puppet and have brought us Act 2 of the New

World Order.


The curtain will come down but the damage has been done, the story has

been told.

Those who come after us will once again have to risk their lives,

their fortunes and their sacred honor to bring back the Republic that

this generation has timidly frittered away due to white guilt and

political correctness..”