2019 Events

From our club meeting held 9/30/19:

Tim Horn, pictured below, spoke to club members in attendance about the pitfalls of the push from the left to adopt replacing the Electoral College with the popular vote to elect our presidents.  Tim is a passionate defender of conservative values.  He is also a published author.  You may want to purchase his book, available on Amazon, entitled "Ruling The Elite."  You may also recognize Tim from his YouTube presence.  Millions of people know him as "Joe American."  Check out https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1XYyT4Rx7Dc

From our club meeting held 8/26/19:

Dr. Stan Rentz, Payson's new school superintendent, gave some background regarding his credentials and laid out some of the challenges the district faces.  Kathy Manning, district CFO, presented us with some detail relative to the school budget and both fielded questions from the audience after their respective presentations.

Dr. Stan Rentz

Kathy Manning

On August 20th the RCRC sponsored a Federal & State Officials Luncheon.  The luncheon was held at the Chaparral Pines Club House.  Pictured below are the dignitaries attending the function.

From Left to Right: Mark Spenser, (Judicial Watch), Steve Smith (School Choice), Bob Burns (Corporation Commission), Paul Gosar (US Congressman), Sylvia Allen (State Senator), Walt Blackman (State Legislature), Kelli Ward (State GOP Chairwoman), Mike Ward. Missing, Bob Thorpe (State Legislature).