2019 Events

On December 10th the club held its Christmas dinner at Duza's Kitchen.  We had a good dinner and an equally good time.  My apologies to anyone that came in late who I may have missed.  I lose track of the camera after a couple of glasses of wine.  Check out the pictures.

Additional photos below taken by and offered by Jeannie Herford.  Thanks, Jeannie.

We want to thank Cody O'Donnel, our newest member, who owns and operates Drop Tine Construction for his incredible support of Donald Trump in the Light Parade on Main Street on Saturday, December 7th.  His truck and trailer were festooned with Trump support signs.  We witnessed the feeble attempt by Democrats to muster support for their cause with their float.  The Dems got tepid support at best.  When Cody rolled by you could hear the rousing support ripple like a wave down the parade route.  Below are some pictures of his effort on behalf of our club and our president.

From our club meeting held 9/30/19:

Tim Horn, pictured below, spoke to club members in attendance about the pitfalls of the push from the left to adopt replacing the Electoral College with the popular vote to elect our presidents.  Tim is a passionate defender of conservative values.  He is also a published author.  You may want to purchase his book, available on Amazon, entitled "Ruling The Elite."  You may also recognize Tim from his YouTube presence.  Millions of people know him as "Joe American."  Check out https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1XYyT4Rx7Dc