Below is a random list of links and videos.  These are being posted as they come to our attention.  Please submit any suggestions for additions via our email on the contact tab.

This video exposes the deep-rooted political power base'in California and how its corrupt leaders dominate the political landscape.             

The Palestine Interview with AOC

The Arizona Border Exposed

The following link will take you to a You Tube video of Candace Owens, a black conservative woman beseeching minorities to wake up to the lies of the left and their insincere rhetoric proclaiming their championing of minority issues.  This speech was given at the 2019 CPAC event.  President Trump and a host of conservative stalwarts addressed the crowd.  Every American should listen to these speeches.  You can find the videos of each speaker in the right panel of the website.  Inspirational.

The AZCDL (Arizona Civil Defense League) has provided a link to their bill tracking page allowing viewers to stay up-to-date on current legislative bills.  They have done the leg work on our behalf.  Be sure to navigate the rest of the site for valuable information.

For a complete listing of your representatives in the Arizona Legislature, including names,  email addresses, party affiliation, district represented, and phone numbers, visit:

Please go to to view a list of town officials.  Email addresses and phone numbers appear on this site.  Be sure to navigate to the other tabs for valuable information relating to town events and postings.

The following link will take you to a website at the Arizona State Legislature.  Standing committees are listed here with links to a variety of significant contacts and status updates on committee actions.  Be sure to explore the links.  A wealth of information is contained here.  It's a great place to go to find out where to take issues near and dear to your heart.  We need to inundate our legislators with emails and phone calls to drive home how we feel about the issues confronting conservatives.  "Loyalty to the Nation all the time, loyalty to the Government when it deserves it."     Mark Twain

This link will take you to the video of President Trump's address to CPAC (Conservative Political Action Conference).  

The Renegade State.  This video puts on full display the corruption rampant in California, the lunatic state.  A must watch to keep the blood boiling and the fight in full forward mode.  

This is a fantastic video.  It's an extemporaneous, impassioned speech addressing gun control.  Please watch it.

The wall & open borders.  Chucky's stance since Trump has been in office sounds a little different than his pre-Trump position.  Listen to the video.  Can you say hypocrisy?

Next time someone asks you what has Trump done, please refer them to this website and they'll find out.  Since he accomplishes so much so fast, checking back from time to time is a good  idea.